About The RaspBee Pi Project

What is the RaspBee Pi Project?

The RaspBee Pi Project is based on a birthday present I received from my Brother in 2011.  He named it the 'Beehive Temperature Monitor'. 

My present consisted of a Pogoplug (originally sold as a media sharing device) that He had cleverly reconfigured.  The Pogoplug now acted as a small WiFi enabled Linux server capable of reading and recording temperatures.

With the Pogoplug came temperature sensors (1-wire modules), instructions on how to connect the device to WiFi, position the sensors, and upload graphs of the sensor readings to a webpage.  This set-up worked perfectly for a number of years providing interesting feedback on air and hive temperatures.

Around about the same time as receiving the 'Bee Monitor', the Raspberry Pi was launched.  Buying a Raspberry Pi when they were launched, it later occurred to me that this was the ideal micro processor for the next generation of 'Bee Monitor'.

So in 2017, I started the RaspBee Pi Project.

Objective of the RaspBee Pi Project

The RaspBee Pi Project shall deliver a solution and monitoring tool for the beekeeper that provides the ability to automatically monitor key environmental parameters within and around the beehive.  A beehive environment monitoring tool.

Parameters to be measured and recorded shall include:

  • Temperature (Air, ground & beehive temperature)
  • Humidity (Air Relative Humidity)
  • Beehive Weight (future versions - currently in beta)
  • Bee movements - detection of bees leaving and returning to the hive (future version)

The solution shall deliver a tool based on the Raspberry Pi, for minimal cost and bee based on universally available 'plug and play' technologies that require no understanding of electronics.

Importantly, the tool shall be easily accessible and available to all Beekeepers.  It shall be:

  • Affordable;
  • Simple to use;
  • Easy to configure and set-up:
    • Easy to set-up the Raspberry Pi;
    • Easy to set-up the sensor devices;
  • Simple to set-up in and around the beehive, requiring no more practical capability than that of the average beekeeper;

Raspberry Pi

Beehive Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Humidity Monitoring