The Beehive monitor provides the ability to automatically monitor key environmental parameters within and around the beehive. The RaspBee Pi Project delivers a beehive monitoring tool for the beekeeper.

Beehive Monitoring

Being able to remotely monitor the environment in and around your Beehive can provide valuable information to the health and well being of your bees.

Changes to temperature may indicate, when the Queen has started actively laying, or if the colony is reducing in size and collapsing. 

In addition, overtime, environmental factors may give predictive information about what your hive maybe doing, or intends to do.  For example, does the temperature increase as the bees prepare to swarm, or if the bees have swarmed, do we see a noticeable decrease in internal hive temperature & humidity. 

The RaspBee Pi project makes it easy to collect a high volume of environment data accurately and efficiently.

So, if you need to measure the temperature, humidity or weight of your hive, consider the RaspBee Pi a solution.

Temperature Monitoring

Environmental parameters measured and recorded include:

  • Temperature (Air, ground & internal beehive temperatures)
  • Humidity (Air Relative Humidity -RH% )
  • Beehive Weight (future versions - currently in beta)
  • Bee movements - detection of bees leaving and returning to the hive (future version)

Humidity Monitoring

The RaspBee Pi delivers a Beehive Monitor tool based on the Raspberry Pi computer.  The monitor is minimal cost and based on universally available 'plug and play' technologies that require no understanding of electronics.

We aim for our solution to be easily accessible to all Beekeepers.  With this intention we have aimed for the monitor to be:

  • Affordable;
  • Simple to use;
  • Easy to configure and set-up:
    • Easy set-up of the Raspberry Pi Computer;
    • Easy set-up of the environment monitoring sensors;
  • Simple to set-up for most Beekeepers, in and around the beehive.

Raspberry Pi